Totally Tattoo: Volume Secondary Set (120ml each)


R 2,600.00 
SKU: 22-3114
SIZE:  120ml


Badger's Totally Tattoo paints are waterproof, safe to use and non-toxic. Totally Tattoo Body Paints can last 24-72 hours when applied with an airbrush on properly prepared skin (for the best adhesion and longer lasting results cleanse skin with isopropyl alcohol prior to spraying Totally Tattoo). Alcohol based for extended durability, Totally Tattoo is easily removed with isopropyl alcohol. Totally Tattoo Body Paint can also be applied with an artist brush or mini paint applicators.

The Volume Secondary Set includes one of Pink Pizzazz, Purple Passion, Deep Blue, Downtown Brown, Outrageous Orange and Golden Sunset in 4oz. bottles.  22-3114

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