6000 Series AutoBorne Sealers

6000 Series - AutoBorne Sealers

The starting foundation for any graphic, complete automotive or large-panel paintjob. AutoBorne Sealers are extremely durable and simple to apply.   AutoBorne Sealers were made to make achieving professional, show winning finishes easier and better when painting with Auto Air Colors.

AutoBorne Sealers level to a flat, hard finish that reduces surface tension with Auto Air Colors are applied, resulting in a flat finish without “orange-peeled” appearance.

 AutoBorne Sealers allow for quicker drying times.  Not only do the sealers themselves dry quickly, subsequent coats of Auto Air Colors dry quicker as less material is required to cover when colors are color-keyed with AutoBorne Sealer. 

Auto Air’s Best Pearlescent Finishes Start with AutoBorne Sealers

  • Apply 4100 Series Aluminums and 4300 Series Silvers over 6013 Sealer Aluminum for an even orientation and metallic hiding.
  • Color-key AutoBorne Sealer with 4300 Series Pearlized and Metallic Colors.  By reducing the amount of Pearlized Color required for coverage, a uniform, well-orientated pearlescent finish is created.  Color-keying removes the need for multiple coats to achieve color saturation, often resulting in a lumpy appearance due to excessive build-up of the pearlescent powder or metallic.
  • Color-key with 4500 Series Sparklescent Colors and any custom candy-pearlized color.  Achieving an even finish  easier when marrying the transparent

AutoBorne Sealers are universally compatible with any paint system and can be applied direct to other primer types such as DTM etch-primers used to treat bare metal before AutoBorne Sealer is applied.  Apply direct to aluminum, wood, urethane and most plastics and basically any substrate.  AutoBorne Sealers adhesion is truly tenacious.

Reduce 10% per volume with 4012 High Performance Reducer.   Additional amounts of 4012 Reducer OK to add for use with smaller tip-sized guns.  AutoBorne Sealer is best applied with a 1.2 – 1.4mm tip-sized spray gun around 25 – 30 psi.  For use with smaller tip-sizes such as mini-guns and an airbrush, reduce accordingly to achieve proper flow and atomization.