NEO for Iwata Gravity Feed Airbrushing Kit with NEO CN


R 5,908.85 
SKU: IW120


NEO for Iwata Gravity Feed Airbrushing Kit with NEO CN is perfect for the first time or occasional user because it delivers soft, effortless coverage and quality atomization at low air pressures making it a great choice for general purpose spraying. This kit comes with the NEO CN gravity feed airbrush and the NEO Air Compressor that works at any voltage and has multiple plug-style adapters. This airbrush and compressor is a low pressure combination and sprays 1-15 psi with great results! This kit comes with three 1 oz bottles of Com Art Colours, 1 oz bottle of Medea Airbrush Cleaner and complete online instructions and exercises to gain skill and control. Packaged in a handle box, it's the perfect, portable airbrush kit and makes a great gift!

Kit includes:
• NEO for Iwata CN Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush
• NEO AIR for Iwata 100-240V Airbrush Compressor with Airbrush Hose
• Online Instructions & Exercises
• 3 Com Art Colours 1 oz Bottles
• Medea Airbrush Cleaner 1 oz Bottle


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