Explanation Of The Stock Levels

We wanted to just show what our stock levels and other phrases mean:

"Out of Stock" is quite self explanatory. We are simply out of stock of the item and will be reordering it on the next shipment

"Available for pre-order" - 

If it is not an Iwata item then it means that the item will take a day or 2 to get to us and then we will ship it off to you.

If it is an Iwata item, it may take a few days to a few weeks depending on local availability.

If it has the price, allows you to add it to the cart and does not say "available for pre-order" then the item is at our facility right now and will be shipped rapidly...

Check back regularly as we will continue bringing things into a stock warehouse to further reduce waiting times :)   

Please note that some of these things are beyond our control so cannot guarantee the lead times.

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