R2S Spirit


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The Badger R2S includes a Renegade Spirit Side feed Airbrush with 0.21mm nozzle set and a 1/8" air hose adapter.

Comes in a special storage case.

0.21 mm nozzle tip ready to spray hairline to 1-inch pattern.
Professional artists, taxidermists, fine scale modelers desiring the finest tools to elevate their skill to its highest level appreciate the beauty and perfection of the Renegade airbrushes.

Exact taper micro-precise paint tips to ensure perfect paint tip sealing and simplify nozzle maintenance; "point perfect"carbide polished needles, for better spray pattern control and crisper fine line production; sprays acrylics, lacquers, urethanes.

"Smartcenter" nozzle assemblies ensure absolutely precise needle/nozzle alignment & spray performance; "tensionsense" trigger assembly for smooth & responsive triggering; "stopset" trigger control handle to provide accurate recurring spray pattern memory.

Badger Airbrushes are Made in U.S.A.

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