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Wicked Colors is an ultra-high performance, multi-surface airbrush paint suitable for any substrate from fabric to automotive applications. Wicked Colors are perfect for t-shirts, automotive graphics, illustration and most any application. Wicked contains mild amounts of solvent inter-mixed with a durable, exterior-grade resign and automotive pigments for an extremely durable paint that withstands direct, prolonged exposure to outdoors elements without washing or fading.


Wicked Colors have exceptional flow and atomization right out of the bottle with most airbrush tip-sizes, including 0.2mm detail tips. Wicked Colors may be reduced with reduced with Wicked W500 or Auto Air 4012 High Performance Reducer in any ratio for improved flow, atomization and customizing viscosity preferences.


All Wicked Colors are made with the same highly durable binder. Wicked Colors are sheered to a binder size of 0.5 microns and dry semi-gloss level of 70+ degrees. Wicked Detail Colors are sheered to a particle size of 0.1 microns and dry to a flat finish of 30+ degrees, perfect for illustrators as a flat finish reflects the color’s true hue.


For automotive refinishing, a durable, catalyzed urethane clear is recommended. Wicked Colors cure to a strong film with air drying alone. Heat may be used to further assist curing and is recommended for t-shirts and fabrics intended for use with multiple washings. Heat is not required for automotive, illustration and most other applications. For more application information, visit our website’s technical pages.


Item # W112 - 00
Contains 2oz. each:
W051 Wicked Detail Black, W052 Wicked Detail Yellow, W053 Wicked Detail Scarlet, W054 Wicked Detail Orange, W055 Wicked Detail Violet, W056 Wicked Detail Red Violet, W057 Wicked Detail Blue Violet, W059 Wicked Detail Moss Green, W060 Wicked Detail Viridian, W061 Wicked Detail Cobalt Blue, W068 Wicked Detail Raw Umber, W070 Wicked Detail Sepia, W074 Wicked Detail Burnt Sienna, (2) W032 Wicked Detail Opaque Flat White, (2) 4012 High Performance Reducer
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