4016 Cross-Linker


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4016 Cross-Linker

Activator for Scenix Mural & Theme Paint™ and Scenix SSR Clears™ when panting flexible substrates.

May also be used with AutoBorne Sealer.

Promotes curing but not to the full-extend as does 4015 Cross-Linker.

Add 4016 2% per volume to paint or clear.

  • 2oz. of 4016 to 1-Gallon
  • 0.5oz. of 4016 to 32oz.

Add 4016 to paint or clear, then thin with 4011 or 4012 Reducer if required.

Mix thoroughly for 60 seconds and allow 10 minutes for acclimation before applying.

Download - 4015, 4016 Tech Data Sheet

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